Do you need a freelance copywriter?

Hmm. Do you want to:

  • Improve the sales pathway to improve web sales?
  • Attract and KEEP visitors with content that's interesting, friendly, and keyword-rich?
  • Launch a social media strategy or campaign?
  • Produce a speech, brochure, or annual report?
  • Establish guidelines for the language of your brand?
  • Brainstorm slogans, product names, or web addresses?
  • Send more exciting emails?

Hiring a freelance copywriter gives you the opportunity to create a world for your brand.  Building a relationship with a freelance copywriter gives you a valuable member of your team: someone who can take your ideas and polish them into diamonds.  Whether you want a quick web update, an email for a new product, or a caption for Instagram, a copywriter can provide content that fits your brand. 

How should you choose a freelance copywriter? 

Relevant experience is important. 

You should choose a copywriter whose style you like, and whose character fits with your brand. 

Is that me?  I'm an exceptionally experienced freelance copywriter - I've worked with agencies, entrepreneurs, and multi-million-pound companies, helping to build brands and develop new websites.  I've spent several years tutoring aspiring copywriters, who learn that the job involves far more than a creative mind. 

Choose a freelance copywriter to fine-tune your optimisation.  

During the last ten years, online content has changed the terms of copywriting.  A freelance copywriter must now also be knowledgeable on SEO, social media, and the fluid modern vocabulary.  Of course, the standard rules still apply – nobody wants to read boring content.  Read more about my SEO and web content services.

How much will it cost?

I can quote for your project or a monthly fee for regular support. Using a freelance copywriter gives you flexibility to budget and prioritise.  Sometimes I review a project and suggest the most important areas for content.  I don't mind sticking to a budget if you have one!  I won't add any extras or overcharge you once I've quoted.

Do you need to build a team of expertise for one project or maybe longer? 

Finding good people is difficult.   I frequently collaborate with a world-famous SEO expert, a brilliantly imaginative Art Director, and an intelligent and insightful web designer.  In 15 years I've worked with dozens, and can recommend you a specialist in most areas.  I am also part of the elite Hoxby Collective.  We are the Justice League of freelancers.

Need a quote for some writing,

or a full project? 


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