What I can do for YOU

Catalogue Copywriting. because there's life in the old doormat-duster yet. Catalogues are GORGEOUS when I'm involved.

AWARD-WINNING CATALOGUE COPY. Product descriptions should entertain, inform, and inspire. Do yours? I've been writing for British catalogues since 2003. In 2008, XchangeTeam named me Editorial Freelancer of the Year for copywriting work that "added value to clients' businesses".

BUSINESS BROCHURE COPY. Make no mistake: timid copy will affect your brand. So don't risk filling your business brochure with home-made content. Contact me to talk about brainstorming, editing, or writing content for your brochures.

NEED DESIGN? I partner up with art director Mark Mitchell in Exeter to provide you with a complete solution. If you don't yet have a designer, give me a call. Catalogue copywriting is work of imaginative precision. In just a few words you must provide all the facts and benefits, while compelling your reader to buy. A good catalogue lives in the downstairs loo - with the order form ripped out. If you need a catalogue copywriter, get in touch. With lots of experience and a creative style, I'll bring interest and genuine enthusiasm to your printed storefront. Give me a try and see if we can boost your sales next quarter...

GET IN QUICK. Your website has 5 seconds to seize the reader's attention. Does the opening line hook their interest? Too late - they've clicked out.

BRAND CONSISTENCY. Does your brand communicate in a tone that's appropriate to the audience? Get closer to your customers. Create a personality and your brand will shine.

OPTIMISED WEB COPY. Optimising means integrating keywords in an interesting, easy manner - without losing your reader's interest. Done properly, it can increase your website's visitor numbers and conversions.

Website copywriting is a speciality - I've been doing it since optimisation was a glint in Google's eye. Website copywriters are springing up every day but you'll want one with plenty of experience and an imaginative approach. What about a fixed fee, too? Don't underestimate the power of website copywriting to gain online loyalty. In a world where words flick by in a click, copy is crucial. Hire yourself a web copywriter extraordinaire. THAT'S ME!

Website Copywriting to attract traffic, entertain your visitors, and boost sales. ZOOM!

Ecommerce Copywriting to sell your products off the screen.. because your customers can't get their hands on.

QUICK CLICK. Selling online? You've got literally seconds to close a sale. Ecommerce copy has to attract, inform, and convert - in the space of a few words. Get someone to do it right.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE. The best ecommerce sites blend usability with style - and copy really counts. I work closely with ecommerce companies to ensure their web copy is stylish, engaging, and on-target for the audience.

SUPERCHARGE IT... With just one page to sell your product, you'd better make it fabulous. I'm known for enthusiastic, joyful copy that's full of life - absolutely compelling.

When customers can't touch or sniff your products, how can you sell them? Ecommerce succeeds through gorgeous design and irresistible copy. Get yourself an experienced ecommerce copywriter with buckets of enthusiasm. When Duvet & Pillow Warehouse launched in 2006, CEO Charles Hunt asked me to help sell the luxury duvets through evocative copy. He knew they were worth buying - but how would customers? I supplied descriptive copy for the DAPW ecommerce website. The formula was a huge success and the company turned over 5m GBP in 2011.

WANTED: MORE FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK. Keep your FB page updated with lively gossip, irresistible debates and intriguing offers. Need ideas? I've a brain for hire.

WANTED: FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER. You won't get them by tweeting about the weather. Twitter's where only the wittiest brands will succeed - do it in style.

WANTED: A MUST-READ BLOG. Just one more way to create a buzz. An informative or engaging blog does wonders for web traffic. Start yours now.

Need a blog writer - or a copywriter to lively-up your Facebook presence? Leading brands use social media to interact with their customers, creating new opportunities to promote and develop. A good blog writer can attract lots more traffic to an underperforming website. While you may never have thought of it, using a copywriter on Facebook can ensure that your brand's style and presence is consistent. Identify your audience, shape your brand style, and take your company out into the universe.

Blogs and Social Media are all the rage now, I understand. Make sure your brand is consistent across every platform.

Heard enough? Contact me now!