How do you begin a business introduction letter? What's the problem with web users? How much do freelance copywriters charge? Here's a useful section of resources for anyone interested in freelance copywriting.


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Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynn Truss is a good read - and it highlights all the common grammatical errors that you could be making...

The Elements of Copywriting by Blake & Bly, two established copywriters with plenty of anecdotes to help you incorporate different techniques into your work

Freelance Copywriting (Writing Handbooks) by Diana Wimbs, a book I'm always quick to recommend. Slim, elegant, and actionable - for kickstarting your freelance career.

Ogilvy on Advertising - an iconic book that's essential reading for anyone in the advertising business.

The Freelance Writer's Handbook: How to turn your writing skills into a successful busines by Andrew Crofts - an easy read with plenty of practical tips for starting your business.

The New Marketing Manifesto: The 12 Rules for Successful Marketing in the 21st Century by John Grant is a great introduction to modern marketing for beginners.

The Non-Designer's Design Book (3rd Edition) by Robin Williams, absolutely indispensable if you find you need to do some basic layouts - and if you don't, this will help you to understand the role of copy within design.

The Penguin Book of Cliches (Penguin Reference Books) is useful if, like me, you wish to avoid sounding old-hat when you write copy.

The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman is a romp through a life of freelance writing, with loads of useful tips from an enthusiastic host.

Tribes: We need you to lead us - Seth Godin's already a legend, and this (or Purple Cow) is a good one to start with. All about social media.

We, Me, Them and it: The Power of Words in Business by John Simmons is an engaging guide to using creative language to build brands. Easy to read.

Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged by Michael Stelzner is a specialised guide that's helpful if you want to write research papers or e-books.


When to use American English, just one of the useful alerts published by JACOB NIELSON'S ALERTBOX

How to write in plain English published by the Plain English campaign.

Optimising websites for Google (update after Panda was launched in 2011)

The Guardian's Style Guide, an A-Z of house style that is frequently updated.