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There's a trophy on my shelf but it doesn't make me complacent: as a freelance copywriter, you're as good as your latest work. I'll work as hard, and care as much, for you as I would for a global brand. But if you like name- dropping, then have a look at some of the PEOPLE I'VE WRITTEN FOR.

Who's fed up with search engines? Writing for search engines can make your text extremely dreary. But you can't get away from optimisation. It's the art of incorporating keywords in your web copy. Desperately dull if you get it wrong. Fabulously money-making if you get it right. I DO IT RIGHT!

CopyQueen the Super Hero! Want some rocket-juice? Give your sales a super-boost with some sizzling copy and a criminally genius marketing campaign . You don't need the batphone. You need a direct line to me. QUICK, TO THE BATCAVE!

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ANNA HOLLISEY is an award-winning freelance copywriter specialising in copywriting for ecommerce and online businesses. She's produced demonstrable results for clients in the lifestyle, luxury and jewellery markets. If your website, catalogue, brochure or email needs a little fire, then place the call. And tell your customers to adopt the brace position.

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